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Encrypted Control: Cryptographic Approach to Secure Control Systems

The spread of IoT technologies has allowed various automatic control systems to connect through cyberspace in a sophisticated manner. In the near future, it will be essential for engineers to be able to select cybersecurity measures according to system status and specifications. Kogiso Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems has been studying the emerging area of encrypted control, an expected cybersecurity measure for automatic control systems. Our research group found that specific public-key encryption methodologies can conceal the controller parameters and proposed the concept of encrypted control for the first time in the field of control engineering (IEEE CDC 2015). As one of the pioneers of this technology, we have worked to develop a computational framework, control-theoretic methods, and experimental systems for implementation and application of motion control systems.

The encrypted control provides the secure implementation of a digital controller and a control system configuration. It possesses three features. The primary feature is that not only the transmission signals but also the controller parameters in the control algorithm are encrypted. This feature enables the control algorithm that directly outputs control signals in ciphertext to use encrypted information such as controller parameters and feedback signals in the ciphertext. Furthermore, because the computation within the controller does not require any decryption processes, it is not necessary to store and manage secret keys at the controller side. This second feature helps reduce the cost of protecting secret keys from adversaries and provides reliable use of cloud and fog computing architectures for distributed control systems. The last feature is that the encrypted control can be used easily to construct a real-time attack detector against cyberattacks, such as parameter falsification and signal tampering by malicious users. Additionally, any degradation of control performance caused by encrypting the controllers can be avoided by adjusting a security parameter (key length) of public-key encryption schemes. 

Currently, our research group is actively conducting research activities to establish and disseminate the encrypted control as a security countermeasure technology for automatic control systems. We are also developing cryptographic and control-theoretic approaches to more secure control systems and fundamental use cases to innovate next-generation control technologies. Through this multidisciplinary research and development, we hope to contribute to the most secure and safest control technology in the world. Kogiso Laboratory welcomes enthusiastic researchers and students who wish to collaborate with and join our research group to exploit this secure control issue and realize a future in which we live safely and securely. 


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Open Source Software:

We provide Python and MATLAB simulation codes of encrypted control. [download]